Nashville woman responds to Facebook group accusing her of scamming

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Facebook group is sounding off about a woman they say is not being truthful about why she asks for money.

The group, of nearly 10,000 members, claims Stephanie Alley approaches people in restaurants, parking lots, and other locations trying to get money for a hotel.

“She’s a true professional at this, she’s been doing it for years,” creator of the group, Jeff Napier said.

Napier says Alley has asked him three times for money, each time sharing the same story.

“Pardon me, but I just got out of an abusive relationship. Could you help me with like $26 to get a hotel for myself and my kids,” Napier said.

Stephanie Alley poster
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A new video shows one of the members from the group confronting Alley outside of a restaurant.

“Stephanie why are you lying to these people, you are not poor and you do not have an abusive relationship,” the member says in the video.

But as the Facebook page has grown over the last few months, Napier says members have shared sightings of Alley.

“I have not personally gone to the police and talked about it. But I’ve talked to officers out in the field and stuff and they say if they catch her, they can do something about it,” Napier responded.

But since there’s not much police can do about what the community says Alley is doing, some have taken it upon themselves to shame her on social media.

News 2 called Alley for a comment on the video. She told us over the phone she would no longer speak to the media and hung up.

Just after the story aired at 4:30 p.m., Alley reached out to News 2 to share her side.

Over the phone Alley said she doesn’t understand why the group is targeting her on Facebook.

“I don’t feel like I’m bothering anybody there’s all kinds of people on the streets asking for a couple dollars here and there. But me, I’m getting judged the most,” Alley said.

Alley says she asks people for money for a hotel because she does not have a job and has five children.

“I don’t pressure anybody I don’t make anybody give me money. It’s their choice whether they want to give it to me or not,” Alley said.

Alley said she thinks what the group is doing is harassment and wishes people would stop following her.

Alley said she has been spoken to police about not entering businesses to ask for money because that would be trespassing.

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