Woman meets Krystal Daniels in jail; Sheriff says fair trial unlikely in Dickson

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 A Dickson County woman has come forward with a first-hand account of what Krystal Daniels’ life is like in jail. 

Amy Warden was in the Dickson County jail for six hours last Wednesday after she says she accidentally skipped her court date for a traffic ticket.   

She said she knew exactly who her neighbor was upon entering her cell. 

“I looked into the window and I realized it was Krystal Daniels right away,” Warden told News 2. “I know so many people hate her right now and I understand why. I wanted to hate her, but I couldn’t.” 

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Warden saw the photo of Baby Joe that the Dickson County sheriff put on Daniels’ cell window.

Warden described the moment the mother walked up to the photo of her son.  


“Krystal had this moment where she’s standing in front of the photo.  She leaned her head on the glass and she was looking at it, but there wasn’t no emotion in her face,” Warden told News 2. “There was nothing. Then she kind of tapped the photo twice. Kind of what a kid would do – like a nervous kid or something. Then she dropped her head and kind of turned away.” 

Warden said Krystal slept until lunch time and when lunch time came, she said Krystal asked for a plunger. 

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“The guard asks what she needs a plunger for and the guard looks in and she’s like, ‘What is that?’ Krystal kind of dropped her head. The guard said, ‘You’ve been flushing your food?'” 

Warden said Krystal then showed her that she doesn’t have any teeth. 

“She opened her mouth and she showed me has no teeth up here,” said Warden. “I mouthed, “I feel ya.’ I showed her my teeth that are messed up. It is hard to chew or bite down on anything when your teeth are gone.” 

Warden said Daniels also reacted strangely to the nurses and guards. 

“When the nurses and guards would come up and talk to her in an authoritative way, she seemed to react differently to them than she did to me,” said Warden. “It was like she turned her head away like this and didn’t look up. It was odd.” 

Dickson County Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe told News 2 Monday that Joe and Krystal Daniels may not be able to get a fair trial in Dickson. 

He says down the pike, the district attorney may decide to bus in jurors or move the trial to another jurisdiction. D.A. Ray Crouch did not return News 2’s phone call. 

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Warden said she wouldn’t be surprised if the trial was moved, but she wants it to stay in Dickson. 

“It makes sense to move it because there’s so many people that hate them right now,” Warden said. “But like the protesters last time, if they kept it in Dickson they could gather together as a community, come together and do something positive.” 

The Daniels’ next court hearing is in June 1. 

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