WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Wilson County commissioners are making some progress when it comes to drafting a noise ordinance. It’s something neighbors of Global Vision Bible Church have been pushing for quite some time because of what they call “excessive noise.”

While the church may be at the heart of the controversy, the Wilson County mayor told News 2 that’s not why commissioners initially drafted a noise ordinance.

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‘Excessive noise’ has been a complaint for neighbors of Global Vision Bible Church for the past two years. Back in January, neighbors created an online petition to create a noise ordinance after dozens of complaints were called into the sheriff’s office.

In February, News 2 sat down with Pastor Greg Locke who said the church spent thousands on a new soundproof tent.

“Many people believe the noise ordinance was for Global Vision Bible Church but it was not,” said Randall Hutto, Wilson County mayor.

According to Hutto, commissioners began looking into a noise ordinance over 2 and a half years ago for a variety of concerns. “Construction sites starting really early on a Saturday morning when people are trying to sleep, people shooting their guns.”

However, he said commissioners are now working with the Wilson County Sheriff to ensure an ordinance is feasible in the county. “And the sheriff is looking at what’s on that ordinance that the sheriff’s office can actually enforce and the TCA can actually back up.”

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Mayor Hutto said once a draft is completed, they will hold a public hearing before it goes in front of the county commissioners for final approval.

News 2 did reach out to Global Vision Bible Church’s lawyers Friday for a comment on how the church may be affected by a noise ordinance.

Their lawyers told News 2 they’d like to see the proposed ordinance before commenting.