WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A man from Wilson County has been sentenced to nearly five centuries behind bars in connection with multiple charges involving child sexual abuse.

According to officials, Brian Gadbois of Watertown, was convicted in July 2022 by a Wilson County jury for 10 counts of rape of a child, seven counts of aggravated sexual battery, four counts of indecent exposure and three counts of aggravated assault.

About six months later, on Wednesday, Jan. 18, Judge Brody Kane — who presided over the trial and saw the proof prosecutors introduced into evidence — handed down the 475 year sentence in the Department of Correction.

“This proof in this case was disturbing,” said District 15 Attorney General Jason Lawson. “It is difficult for me to understand how someone can subject a child to the treatment that this defendant did. Although it is a large sentence, it is based upon the proof and is appropriate given the facts of the case.”

“Deputy District Attorneys Tom Swink and Justin Harris, along with Assistant District Attorney Laura Bush, did an outstanding job in their presentation of the case to the jury and in their presentation of the proof and arguments to the judge at the sentencing hearing,” Lawson added. “All of this proof was collected in an investigation by the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Bryan’s team led by Detective Jennifer Edwards produced a first-class investigation that left no doubt in the minds of jurors and the judge of exactly the acts that this defendant was guilty of committing.”

Officials provided the following breakdown of how Gadbois was sentenced to a total of 475 years for the various charges:

  • For each of the 10 counts of rape of a child, Gadbois received a 40-year sentence, which he will serve consecutively, one after the other.
  • For each of the seven counts of aggravated sexual battery, Gadbois received a 30-year sentence. While six of the seven counts were ordered to be served concurrently with the child rape sentencing, one of the seven counts was ordered to be served consecutively after the child rape sentencing.
  • Officials did not disclose how long Gadbois was sentenced for the four counts of indecent exposure, but said he would serve his time for that conviction concurrently.
  • For each of the three counts of aggravated assault, Gadbois received a 15-year sentence, which he will serve consecutively.

“The most important part of this sentence is that we were able to achieve justice for the three young victims. That is always our motivation. It was inspiring to me as I watched the amount of skill and man-hours put into this case by the investigators and the prosecutors,” Lawson stated. “They weren’t going to let this man get away with the acts that he committed. Because of their hard work, these victims will know that we did everything we possibly could to exact an appropriate punishment for what they endured.”

“These are very disturbing cases to not only work, but also for the victims involved. Our investigators worked very closely with General Lawson and his staff to hold this perpetrator accountable for the acts he committed,” Wilson County Sheriff Robert Bryan said. “Everyone from the Criminal Investigations Division to the prosecutors worked tirelessly on this case, and justice was served.”

Gadbois has reportedly been in custody since he was arrested, but he is set to be transferred to the Department of Correction to serve his sentence.