WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Everyone knows that one teacher who goes above and beyond, but one Watertown High School educator stands out because she is a true triple threat.

Rachel Heronimus is a biology and ecology teacher, a track coach, and now a bus driver.  

“This has been a dream for three years… So you got to be 25 to become a bus driver, and so I just turned 25, so I was like, ‘hey, I can get my CDL,’” Heronimus said. 

Heronimus is stepping up to take the wheel after there’s been a bus driver shortage in Wilson County for quite some time.

“There’s a huge need for it all over the county — I think all over most counties, but for sure, our county,” said Heronimus. “We have students who are sometimes out from school because they simply can’t get to school.”

Her alarm now goes off at 4 a.m. so she has enough time to pick up a number of students on her way to school. 

“I would say about 20, 15, probably 20 kids because some are siblings,” Heronimus said. 

Heronimus is doing double duty as a bus driver, which means she also drives an afternoon route, causing her to work nearly 12-hour days. However, she said she finds joy in it all.  

“Right now, I am really available in my personal life to be able to pour into these kids, where I don’t have children of my own to pour into, so right now, we are good to go,” Heronimus explained. “I really enjoy it.”

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According to Wilson County Schools, nine full-time teachers are also bus drivers. The majority of those drivers teach at Watertown High School.