WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Dozens of noise complaints have been filed against the Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet. Over the weekend, the church put up a new tent in an effort to help “sound proof” the church.    

However, neighbors who live directly across the street said they haven’t noticed much of a difference yet when it comes to the noise.   

“We just planned to live out our days in peace and quiet, and right where we’ve been since 1972,” Linda Kent said.  

Kent lives directly across the street from Global Vision Bible Church and said the whole ordeal has been going on for more than two years.

“It has been extremely frustrating; we have dealt with this on this level for over two years,” Kent said. 

“Every week, people will start to notice the sound getting less and less,” claimed Pastor Greg Locke with Global Vision Bible Church. 

Locke took News 2 inside the new tent Monday.  

“It’s the same size, and we will build walls in the inside and insulate it, so we are just doing our best to fix the collateral damage of the sound for the community,” Locke said. 

According to Locke, what contributes to the noise is the growth they’ve seen since 2020.   

“To give a people an idea, we’ve literally grown 1,000 people per year every year the past three years,” Locke said. 

 He said worshipping underneath a tent is what makes the most sence for the congregation of his size.   

“We grew so fast that a tent is really the only option. Even if we broke ground today, we would still need to be in a tent for two to three years,” Locke said.  

 However, neighbors said it’s not just sound that is making them a nuisance of a neighbor.  

“We have put up no trespassing signs, no parking signs, but people have been parking on our property and has been a big issue,” Kent said.  

News 2 did reach out to Wilson County Codes, who said a representative met with the church in January and gave them 60 days to address some concerns like a drainage plan.  

As far as sound goes, Locke said they plan to put walls up around the tent which could take another month or so before the tent is more soundproof.  

Meanwhile, neighbors are still pushing for a noise ordinance. Over 1,800 people have signed an online petition.