WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Williamson County School District is looking to fill a number of job openings.

The district will host a Classified Career Fair on Thursday, Jan. 12, from 9-11 a.m. at the Williamson County Administrative Complex, located at 1320 West Main Street in Franklin.

Hiring managers from every department will be there, looking to hire that day.

“Same day offers. If you come that day looking for a position, we want you to leave with a position,” David Harries, Recruiting Manager for Williamson County Schools said.

To start the second semester off strong, this will be the second career fair that WCS has held for open positions that don’t require a teaching license in all 50 schools.

“I would say across the board we’re looking to fill about 50 positions across the district. There is a wide range of positions available,” Harries said.

Those open positions include special education paraprofessionals, cafeteria staff, bus drivers, teaching assistants, maintenance workers, and more.

“There’s something for everyone out there,” Harries said.

Williamson County Schools said the best part about the positions are that they allow you to have the same schedule as your children.

“That’s the number one thing. That’s a big selling point for school districts because you basically work while your children are in school, and you’re off when they’re out of school. So, it eliminates child care, it eliminates you taking days off to go on vacation when your children are out of school, and things like that. So it’s very flexible,” Harries said.

As school districts nationwide have struggled with shortages, WCS hopes this fair is the stepping stone to fill that void.

“Williamson County is unique because it’s a growing district. We have almost 42,000 students, it’s one of the largest school districts in the state of Tennessee, and with that comes double the number of positions that some surrounding districts have to fill. Any way that we can get a leg up or help us fill those positions, we are going to do,” Harries said.

WCS anticipates a big turnout on Thursday. The previous career fair they held this past July brought in more than 130 people.

“It’s a great opportunity to be a part of something and change your child’s life every day,” Harries said.

Williamson County Schools said two new elementary schools will be opening next fall, which will begin a ripple effect of more positions needed. The district will start looking in the spring to fill those positions for the fall.

In the meantime, to see other current positions and to apply, visit the WCS Careers page. Contact WCS Recruiter David Harries at david.harries@wcs.edu for more information.