Williamson County GOP holds ‘Rally 4 Freedom’ in downtown Franklin

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FRANKLIN, Tenn (WKRN) — Sunday afternoon, the Williamson County GOP held a “Rally 4 Freedom” in downtown Franklin.

Speakers and attendees defended the United States constitution and their conservative values, like Franklin resident Julian Moore.

“I believe that showing up out here shows that those who believe in this country can show up in the streets too, and I hope and pray that we will because we’re not racist. We believe in freedom and we want all Americans to have freedom,” said Moore.

Veteran political commentator for Fox News, Rob Smith, addressed the conservative crowd and criticized the Democratic party.

“What they want to do is they want to make it cool to hate America. This is what we’re seeing on the left right now. This is what we have been seeing this entire summer as our cities have burned at the hands of Biden voters,” said Smith.

At times, counterprotestors disrupted the rally.

The People’s Plaza, a group that’s been protesting racial inequality across Middle Tennesse all summer, posted on Facebook before the event. They asked people to show up and honk their car horns to “drown out white supremacy.”

Franklin Police pulled over at least one disruptive vehicle and cited at least one person for assault.

“It frightens me when people are protesting what appears to be normal, traditional American behavior. Which is not racist. Which is all-inclusive of anybody who wants to embrace the freedoms and liberties that we call America,” said Moore.

With election day just over three weeks away, Tennessee Republican leaders like Senate candidate Bill Hagerty addressed the conservative crowd about opposing the Affordable Care Act, the Green New Deal, and the defunding of police.

Hagerty also told the crowd that Democrats will “pack the supreme court” if Joe Biden becomes the nation’s 46th president, a topic that Biden has not commented on publicly.

“And I can assure you they’re going to put in partisan, activist, liberal judges that will legislate from the bench, not interpret the constitution the way Amy Coney Barrett would do,” said Hagerty.

Other speakers at the rally telling the “silent majority” to start speaking up.

“We have to build a people in this country who are proud of where we are and who want to protect and conserve all of the amazing things that this country has to offer,” said Smith.

Early voting in Tennessee starts this Wednesday, October 14.

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