WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Fearing a domestic call might escalate into further violence, Williamson County deputies spent over five hours tracking a man accused of kicking in his mother’s door in the College Grove community.

It began around 9:30 am on August 26, when the mother of the suspect made a 911 call reporting her son, Joseph Lynch, was involved in a domestic situation in progress.

The woman claimed her son just kicked in a locked door at the house where she reportedly had custody of Lynch’s 2-and-a-half-year-old son.

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“It’s tragic when you have domestic situations,” Chief Deputy Mark Elrod continued, “one that has escalated to this point where a door was kicked in with forced entry into the house, causing the female victim in the home to be scared and, of course, her grandchild that she has custody of.”

Body cam shows the moment Friday afternoon that Williamson County law enforcement officers found domestic violence suspect, Joseph Lynch, hiding in a shed behind his home.

On body cam, you hear Lynch repeatedly tell officers he is not guilty.

  • Lynch: “What did I burglarize?”
  • Officer: “You kicked a door in a house…”
  • Lynch: “I didn’t kick in no door. I kicked in a bedroom door.”

“It was a call of a domestic between a mother and her son,” said Elrod. “Apparently, the son called the house threatening his mother, threatening to come to the house. When he showed up she was on the phone with 911.”

Two nearby officers were dispatched to the home. Their body cam shows them moving through the dark house. The moments are tense as the officers sweep the house for the 36-year-old, not sure if Lynch is hiding.

After determining he was running on foot, Williamson County K9, Titus, was used to pick up the track.

Deputies tracked the suspect for over five hours, finally taking him into custody in his own backyard in the shed.

Elrod says the officers stayed with the manhunt so it didn’t become more volatile. “They have that potential, and that is why the guys stayed on it as long as they did, they knew it would continue on and it could escalate into something else.”

While sitting in the back of a squad car, Lynch again told officers he did not do what he is accused of.

Lynch: “I didn’t steal anything. The back door was unlocked, I walked in, I tripped, I fell forward and hit the wall.”

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Joseph Lynch has been charged with two counts of domestic assault and aggravated burglary. His bond is $70,000. He’s back in court October 13th.