WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Williamson County Sheriff Dusty Rhoades is singing the praises of one of his deputies after seeing the young man’s heroic actions during last week’s snowstorm.

The incident begins to unfold around 8:37 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 6.

That’s when Williamson Deputy Cody Richardson responded to a call of a pick-up truck overturned in Rutherford Creek off of Smithson Road.

When the 29-year-old deputy arrived, nobody was sure if anyone was trapped inside the truck’s cab which was underwater.

The six-year veteran knew he had to check, so wearing only his uniform, he entered the frigid water.

On the bodycam video, you can hear him ask bystanders ,”Hey, how deep is the water?”

“About waist-deep,” someone shouts back, as he enters.

“That current is not very strong, right?” he says aloud.

Sheriff Dusty Rhoades tells News 2 he learned of the deputy’s heroic actions Monday when he spoke to the deputy.

“It was a big shock when he got in. He said his mind was focused on making sure nobody was in there.”

From the deputy’s bodycam, it was clear there was not good visibility, and seeing into the submerged truck cab was almost impossible.

“Anyone in there? You can’t see anything,” Deputy Richardson exclaimed.

“He gets there and like he said, he doesn’t know that anyone is in that car,” Sheriff Rhoades said, recounting the day.

So, Deputy Richardson submerged, looking inside the cab.

Surprisingly, his bodycam stayed active. You can see the murky water fill the screen and hear the sound of water hitting the microphone as the deputy’s glove reached into the driving compartment.

The deputy emerged and told the bystanders on the side of the creek that he was still unsure.

“He went above and beyond, and any of the deputies would and any first responder would have done the same thing in that situation,” Sheriff Rhoades said.

Then, thankfully, the pick-up driver arrives on the side of the road. The deputy seemed relieved, but also miffed that he was waist-deep in a freezing creek.

“That’s the driver?” he hollered.

Residents directed Deputy Richardson to an easier spot to exit, then extended their hands to help pull the freezing deputy out of the icy water.

As the deputy went to his squad car you could hear him murmur, “I am going to get some heat.”

“I told him good job, I am very proud of him and he said that is what I am paid to do,” Sheriff Rhoades said.

According to Sheriff Rhoades, within a few minutes, members of the community came to the freezing deputy’s aid.

“That was great, the Hayes family came out and took him to their house and let him get out of his wet clothes, and get into a dry robe and put his clothes in the dryer so he could get back to work. I’m thankful there are good people out there like the Hayes. Regardless of what people say about law enforcement, we are there to help, and we will do what we can to get people the help they need,” Sheriff Rhoades said.

The good news is: nobody was hurt, including the pick-up truck driver.

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Nobody is charged in connection with the slide-off.