FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — Three Williamson County deputies are back on the job after coming into contact with purple fentanyl and being taken to the emergency room.

It happened Friday morning at the Williamson County Courthouse in downtown Franklin as a suspect with outstanding warrants was coming to court.

Thankfully, the deputies only experienced minor symptoms.

“It was quite entertaining for lack of a better word, to see them in the E.R they were all giddy and giggly, but fortunately everyone is going to be ok,” said Sheriff Dusty Rhoades.

According to Sheriff Rhoades, it all began when Jonathan Hall entered the Williamson County Courthouse.

The 39-year-old had outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Deputies took Hall to a secure facility and searched him.

“They weren’t wearing gloves like they should’ve been, but they will be wearing gloves from here on out,” Sheriff Rhoades said.

When deputies searched Hall, they found what the sheriff says was “purple fentanyl” inside a shirt pocket. The drugs were wrapped in plastic. The sheriff said the deputies were not wearing gloves and touched the plastic, not the drug itself.

Sheriff Rhoades said the officers realized something was wrong by how they immediately began feeling and acting.

“By their actions. They could tell,” Sheriff Rhoades recalled. “One of them said they just didn’t feel right.”

Within a few moments, the three deputies began feeling unusual and were quickly taken by other officers to the emergency room.

“You are concerned on anything like this when they are exposed to a narcotic, or any type of ingredient, but when I got to the E.R. you could see they were feeling no pain, and in pretty good shape, and in talking to the E.R. staff, they said we will keep them here for a few hours for observation, but everyone should be okay,” Sheriff Rhoades said.

According to Sheriff Rhoades, the effects of the drug were so powerful, one of his deputies doesn’t even remember talking to her boss at the emergency room.

“I talked to one of them this morning and she wanted to apologize to me because she didn’t even know I was at the ER when I was talking to her Friday,” Sheriff Rhoades said. “It is very lucky it was not a more concentrated dose, you might say, of fentanyl. This stuff is transdermal, but all three are back at work today.”

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Sheriff Rhoades told News 2 that his agency is working with the district attorney’s office, and the suspect can expect to face many more serious charges in connection with Friday’s fentanyl exposure incident.