WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — In 2018, Williamson County drug officers arrested a man for selling heroin. Instead of sending him to jail, the judge gave Jordan Alexander a gift — nine years probation through drug court.

Four years later, on Oct. 14, that gift was revoked when officers pulled the now 27-year-old over and found drugs in his car.

The interaction was caught on body camera video:

Deputy: “Where you heading to today?”

Alexander: “I’m actually going up to drug court on my lunch break, run and take a drug test real quick and get back to work.”

According to drug agents, the drug test is part of Alexander’s nine-year probationary sentence for heroin charges back in 2018.

“The judge felt like he had his whole life ahead of him and didn’t want to hammer him so he ended up giving him nine years probation,” a Williamson County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) drug agent told News 2.

According to investigators, Alexander dropped off the radar for a few years, but then, out of nowhere, a confidential informant told arresting officers that he knew where they could buy drugs.

Agents set up a series of undercover buys from the confidential informant’s source who turned out to be Jordan Alexander.

WCSO drug agents confirmed they make three undercover buys from Alexander obtaining heroin and illegal pills. Drug agents say that Alexander was known to keep his stash in his car.

During the stop, the deputy asked Alexander about the strong smell of marijuana emanating from the car.

Deputy: “When I got to the window, I could smell marijuana coming off the vehicle. How much marijuana is going to be in the vehicle?”

Alexander quickly blamed the drug smell and any possible drugs that the officer would find on his girlfriend.

Alexander: “Um, my girl smokes. She drove my car last night.”

At one point, Alexander even asked the officer if he could call his girlfriend so she could take the charge.

Alexander: “If there is something, can I call her and tell her to come and take the charge?”

After a search of Alexander’s car, deputies found cocaine, pot and scales.

Once Alexander got into the jail, drug agents told News 2 a strip search turned up even more cocaine — 5.9 grams — and 193 Bromazalan tablets on his person.

When asked about the nine-year probation in 2018, the WCSO drug officer said, “I knew at the time, he didn’t have a drug problem. He is a drug dealer.”

And when asked what his message to drug dealers is?

“If you are given the kindness of the judges and the courts, you should take heed to it.”

Alexander is now in jail with no bond.

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Drug agents tell News 2 that Alexander faces all the new drug charges from 2022, and they say there’s a good probability his probation will probably become real jail time, too.