Williamson Co. woman uses senior dating app, gets caught up in stolen phone ring

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Williamson County law officers cracked a fraud case where people’s identities were stolen and used to order expensive cell phones that are delivered to random homes for sale.  

Williamson County detectives told News 2 this is a sophisticated group who somehow got people’s personal information and ordered the cell phones.  

In this case, police said a 70-year-old woman was employed to pick up the stolen merchandise.  

According to police, the woman in the pink shirt is Ruby Fields. Investigators said she went to the front door of an upscale Brentwood home and removed a package mailed from Sprint.  

Inside the package was a stolen Galaxy cell phone valued at over $800.  

 “This one lady alone says she has picked up between 20 and 30 packages,” said Williamson County Detective Stephen Shaver.  

According to detective Shaver, the phones were stolen and ordered fraudulently using unsuspecting people’s personal data.  

Then, the phones were shipped to a select group of Williamson County homes.  

Part of the scam involved houses for sale. The thought being that it’s easier to go up to a house stoop where someone might not be home to remove a package.  

Investigators told News 2 Ruby Fields became involved in this operation after talking to someone on a senior dating site.  

“She got to know someone for a couple of years. and he had to convinced her to go out and get these packages and reship them to different addresses. The problem is, she would be paid for it but so far, she has not been paid for anything. In a way she is almost a victim herself. Because she thinks there is something going on with the relationship here and she thinks she is doing ok. She knows what she is doing is wrong. But she is thinking there is something at the end of the tunnel,” said Shaver  

Detectives said Ruby Fields has no criminal history. They said they are working to determine where the operation is conducted from.  

An attorney for Ruby Fields politely declined to comment on the case.  

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