NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The wife of the man accused of setting fire to Nashville’s historic courthouse said they intended to protest peacefully.

“We was there to go peacefully march and everything started going bad and he got caught up in it with the adrenaline and stuff,” said Sara Somers.

Within a matter of hours, her husband Wesley Somers found himself taking part in the vandalism and fire of the Metro Courthouse.

“He didn’t start those fires. He put 2 posters in the fire because it was already started and then we left. People are saying he’s involved with white supremacy or whatever, but he’s not in no kind of groups. People are saying he went downtown and looted we left after the courthouse we left because it was getting too crazy and people started breaking into stores and that’s not what we were there for,” said Somers.

She did admit that his actions, many of which were caught on camera, were wrong.

“Yeah what he did was wrong but he didn’t start them so I think his charges should be lesser.”

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While Metro police continue to investigate the arson attack on the city’s courthouse, Wesley is behind bars, adding to his lengthy criminal background that includes domestic assault and drug charges. In 2016 he was charged for shooting up heroin in a Walmart parking lot with 2 kids in the car, but Sara who has a 4 month old baby with Wesley says he has changed from his troubled past.

“He’s a great person. He’s changed a lot from what people are saying about his past. He’s on no type of drugs. He isn’t the same person he was when he was shooting heroin in the car with 2 kids, he’s not that same person anymore.”

Somers is being held on a $755,000 bond.

The latest on the protests and riots following the “I Will Breathe” rally in Nashville:

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