NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — If you’re planning to travel over the holidays, AAA says to act quickly and book tickets now as prices are expected to rise by the end of the month.

Domestic flights on Thanksgiving are averaging around $281 for a roundtrip, which is a 25% increase compared to last year, according to Hopper.

Kenny and Stephanie Holmes noticed the rise in prices when they booked their Thanksgiving flight to Miami where they’ll board a week-long cruise.

“Thanksgiving, it did double for flights, so we’re paying as much for the airline ticket as the trip for the cruise,” Stephanie Holmes said. “But that’s what we save up all year for, and it’s about time with family.”

AAA spokesperson Megan Cooper told News 2 now is the time to book your holiday travel plans to avoid high prices and ensure there are plenty of travel day and time options to choose from. After Oct. 20, prices are expected to rise an additional $10 to $15 a day.

“I know that’s a hard thing to do coming out of summer, and it seems like the holidays are so far away, but now is really the time to start thinking about holiday travel, especially if you’re flying or making other arrangements that need to be made in advance,” Cooper said.

According to a AAA survey, one in five Tennesseans plan to travel over the holidays, and one-third of those people are booking their arrangements early because of the high prices.

Others are avoiding travel all together because of the expense.

“Fuel prices are too high,” Debra Ramos, a BNA passenger said. “The second (reason) is of course airline costs will go up.”

In addition, Ramos told News 2 she doesn’t want to deal with the crowds and risk of flight delays and cancelations, which are to be expected this holiday season.

“There are still hiccups happening in the travel industry,” Cooper said. “We’ve seen delays, cancelations, we’ve seen some staffing shortages, we’ve even seen the effects weather can have on those flights, so it’s really important to plan ahead.”

Cooper suggested that travelers who are bracing the busy airports this holiday season book a flight that takes off early in the morning when there is the least likely chance the plane will be delayed due to a trip before.

Passengers on average can save more money by flying out on a weekday versus a weekend over the holidays. According to AAA data, people can save $200 or more by flying on the holiday itself.

Airlines like Southwest currently have a $29 ticket sale, however, that deal is not valid on holiday flights. To see Delta’s deals, click here.