WHITES CREEK, Tenn. (WKRN) — The founders of the Piccolo Farms Animal Sanctuary issued a warning to other turkey owners after two of their birds were stolen last Friday, discovering other turkey owners have had similar experiences.

Bonnie Glueck, co-founder of the sanctuary, told News 2 when she went to feed her animals last Friday, she noticed two of her turkeys had been replaced with a trail of trash.

“Food scraps, leftover meat, fried chicken, things like that, and a Walmart bag and some receipts and then a ton of turkey feathers, so I knew something had gone wrong,” Glueck said.

Glueck used the receipts left behind to find the suspected thief, and quickly realized she recognized the man she found online.

Glueck told News 2 the man came to her farm a week prior and demanded she sell him her turkeys. “He was upset, got quite aggressive with me and told me that I should [sell them] for his child.”

However, the Piccolo Farms Animal Sanctuary founder refused and asked the man to leave.

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When Glueck posted the experience on social media, she realized she wasn’t alone in the crime. Dozens of other turkey owners claimed they experienced something similar where a man asked to buy their birds around a week before they disappeared.

“We know now this isn’t a one-time thing,” Glueck said. “It’s been happening all over Middle Tennessee and Kentucky. A large Tom turkey that is the same breed that they took from here, the same breed as our girls, they took from somewhere in Kentucky, but it’s been going on for at least a year,” she added.

Glueck said she reached out to police, but she is calling on the community to keep an eye out for her turkeys, Mommy and Olive, who happen to be mother and daughter.

“I feel like I kind of betrayed them,” she said. “I taught them to be trusting, and all the people who come here have always been so loving and nice and they’ve always loved the animals as much as we do, and now I feel like it’s gotten [the turkeys] in trouble, and I feel responsible for it because I’m like well it’s my fault. It’s my fault they’re gone.”

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If you have any information about these missing turkeys, you are asked to call Piccolo Farms directly at 615-428-4551 or contact them through social media.