WHITE BLUFF, Tenn. (WKRN) — The same car has done donuts through White Bluff business owner, Dale Corlew’s parking lot four times since August, spitting up gravel and damaging his building—and he wants it to stop.

“The first couple of times I was okay to just say don’t bother it anymore, but now, I believe he needs to have a little bit of grief over it,” Corlew said.

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Corlew told News 2 that the donuts have cost him time and money. After the first two incidents, he spent four hours cleaning up the track marks that were left behind and moving all the displaced gravel back into his parking lot.

By the third and fourth times, Corlew had enough, left the evidence, and called police.

“In my opinion, he needs an attitude adjustment of some sort,” Corlew said of the person responsible.

The most recent incident was around midnight on Labor Day. Surveillance video showed the car doing multiple donuts in the parking lot of Corlew Logistics and leaving tire tracks before speeding off.

Corlew experienced similar issues in his business parking lot a couple of years ago when he said a four-wheeler did donuts through his grass after it snowed.

However, he said this driver’s actions are damaging his business, and he’ll likely have to spend hundreds of dollars to replace the gravel the car ripped up. “I have to get somebody with equipment in here to straighten back up and buy more material when he throws it all out in the road.”

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On Tuesday, police came to the business to investigate. Corlew said officers believe they’ve identified the driver. It’s unclear whether they’ll face any charges.