NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Pest season is upon us and Orkin has started the inaugural “Bug Week.” The company made predictions for different regions across the U.S., but it seems like Middle Tennessee will have its fair share of critters.

Ian William, manager of technical services supporting Orkin, says Tennessee can expect centipedes, millipedes and earwigs to start popping out after our next rainfall event. Between the above-average temperatures and above-average rainfall likely to come this spring, we will also have more mosquitoes.

The best way to prevent bugs from infesting your home is to make sure there is no standing water in your yard, change the water in bird baths and do not leave toys that can hold moisture outside.

Another bug that can cause upheaval is termites. They are going to be more aggressive this year than in years past. If you see a swarm by your house, make sure to call an exterminator because you don’t want them making your home theirs, too.

Typically they infest 600,000 homes per year across the U.S. and do $5 billion worth of damage annually.