HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Tennessee Republican Senators are blaming Democrats for higher food prices while Democrats in Washington say a fix is on the way.

Senators Blackburn and Hagerty say the Inflation Reduction Act that recently passed the U.S. Senate with only Democratic votes will actually harm Americans.

“During a recession and with inflation at a 41-year high, Democrats just passed a bill to spend $739 billion, increase taxes and decrease energy production,” said Sen. Blackburn in a statement to News 2.

However, in a summary of the legislation, Democrats wrote that it is, “a historic down payment on deficit reduction to fight inflation, invest in domestic energy production and manufacturing, and reduce carbon emissions.”

Yet, to Hendersonville Produce owner Regina Gammon, the political back and forth doesn’t change the near 25% increase on some of her products.

“I just don’t know why,” Gammon said. “Why our groceries are so expensive? What’s the deal? Why have they increased so much? Why do they keep increasing is there a shortage? Is there a shortage of workers?”

She said she still thinks about how one of her regular customers recently came in looking to stockpile meat.

The customer was worried some of her regular cuts weren’t going to be available in a couple of months or would be a lot more expensive.

In addition, Gammon says it’s not just the customers feeling the pain of increased prices. The farmers she sources from are shouldering some of the cost too and trying to make sure it doesn’t trick down to consumers.

“Farmers are really trying to keep it at bay,” Gammon said. “There are some things they can’t help. There are some price increases, there is feed, there is water, there are fertilizers… costs have gone up.”

But while the debates continue in Washington, Gammon is still waiting to see a sign of relief.

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“It definitely has been coming on for a little bit and it has just gotten higher and higher,” she said.