COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Tennessee Tech University student who was tragically killed during an accident on campus is being called a hero.

Twenty-one-year-old Mason Henry died over the weekend in an shocking tragedy at the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity house on TTU’s campus.

“It’s hard to understand and hard to comprehend,” said Julia Henry, Mason’s mom. “He lives there and his room was downstairs where he was going down the steps to, and he slipped. He had on leather bottom cowboy boots. They are slick.”

Rex and Julia Henry, Mason’s parents, say Mason often wore the boots, even slipping on the floors at their home from time to time.

“I see how it happened,” said Julia. “He would slide in them in our house and we would say ‘Be careful!'”

Nonetheless, Rex and Julia are now devastated at the loss of their son. In many ways, they say they are left speechless.

“You know I know every parent thinks their kid is a good kid, and I know he wasn’t perfect. But, he was pretty close!” said Julia as her husband finished her sentence. “He was pretty close.”

The Chattanooga native is now being described as a gentle giant with a huge heart.

“You couldn’t ask for a better kid. I don’t know how we got so lucky to start with,” said Rex, Mason’s dad. “He was about 6’2, 250. He’s just an overgrown teddy bear.”

It came as no surprised to the Henry family that Mason had recently signed up to be an organ donor.

“Five months ago, when he had his license renewed at his birthday,” said Julia. “I just want everybody to know what a hero he is.”

Mason’s liver, lungs, kidneys and other organs will now be donated. His parents say 7 lives will be saved because of it.

“I hope these people live a long and healthy life,” said Julia while crying. “I want people to pray that the people that get his organs can live. I don’t wish this pain on any parents.”

Tennessee Tech University will host a prayer vigil in Mason’s honor Wednesday night on Centennial Plaza at 8 p.m.