West Nashville man pranks thieves, catches them on camera

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A West Nashville man outsmarted suspected burglars to catch them on camera. 

Wednesday, thieves hit Cannon Kinnard’s house off Woodmont Boulevard, breaking into a car and stealing thousands of dollars in tools from the shed.  

“They took a big heavy generator out of the back of my shed here and I guess it was too heavy for them to get away with the first time, so they hid it in my neighbor’s backyard to come back to later,” Kinnard told News 2, describing their actions as brazen.  

His neighbor discovered the generator hidden under a tarp in his yard. Kinnard decided to get creative. He replaced the generator with cinder blocks and installed three Stealth Cam trail cameras expecting they would return.  

They came back Saturday afternoon and every move was caught on camera. 

“(She) uncovers the tarp and sees that it’s cinder blocks and she kind of like ducks down and she realizes that she’s been had and sneaks back to the car, but you know she turned around and it was like pop the cameras went off right in front of her face which was great.” 

When News 2 asked what made him think of pranking the thieves, he laughed saying “Redneck ingenuity, I don’t know.”  

While neighbors are quite impressed with his actions, Kinnard just hopes the thieves are caught.  

“It’s funny we caught these people on camera and hopefully they will get in trouble for it and everyone is getting a kick out of it, but it is, this is very serious stuff.” 

Police now have the images which also captured the license plate of the black Toyota sedan. 

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