West Nashville family’s campaign signs stolen, vandalized, and burned

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — From vandalism to arson, a family in West Nashville continues to get harassed for their campaign signs.

It seems like every two weeks the Freeman family’s house is hit. First their campaign signs were stolen, so they bought a bigger sign that was soon vandalized with spray paint touting the opposing presidential candidate.

“It’s a shame that that’s where we are. That you know, me supporting one person somebody is willing to do something like that,” Mike Freeman told News 2. 

The latest incident escalated Freeman’s concerns to another level, taking politics too far. Last week in the middle of the night, he says someone lit the large campaign sign on fire.

“You know tearing a sign down is obviously not a nice thing, spray painting a sign obviously not a nice thing, but when you burn somebody’s yard, my grass could have caught on fire, a tree could have caught on fire, my house. I mean, it’s a scary thing to think about that somebody is out there running around spraying gasoline on people’s yards,” he explained. 

Instead of silencing his freedom of speech, Freeman made another sign. It reads, “vandalism, arson, theft won’t change my vote.”  

“It’s the exact thing I told my son, you have to stand up for what you believe in and because somebody else is going to try and make you think their way or try and force your option it’s just going to make me stand my ground that much harder,” he said. 

He says what’s happened in their front yard is a shame, it’s scary and it’s sad.

“It’s terrible. It’s really sad that that’s where we are as a country. I have people every day that drive by that either give me a nasty look or a friendly wave and I welcome conversations on both sides.”

Neighbors have shown their support to the family giving them political flags and even a new, bigger campaign sign that’s now in the front yard.

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