In time, the water will recede, the damage will be repaired and the historic flooding throughout our region will be a memory in the past.

For one couple, the day when the rain never stopped coming will be one they’ll never forget: Their scheduled wedding day at a West Knox County wedding venue. 

The Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farm is where a bride and groom were set to become one Saturday, Feb. 23, before more than a foot of water made its way inside the venue.

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Monday, the chairs were still set. The decorations, too. The bride’s bouquet sat outside surrounded by debris. There was never a Saturday wedding. 

Nancy Barger, the venue owner, hopes to get back to making memories soon.

“It’s not my fault, but I still feel I’ve let people down and that’s really hard to overcome. But, everybody that we had booked that we had to reach out to, that we know we’re going to have to reschedule, they’ve offered to come out here and pick up the debris, like a week before their wedding, who does that?” 

Barger says the couple ended up getting married at their hotel.

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The venue also had to turn away a celebration of life set for Sunday and many other venues planned for the coming weeks.

She hopes the contractors, HVAC, and mold remediation crews are able to restore her business quickly. 

The wedding venue was one stop made by Rural Metro crews, who sought to assess some of the flood damage to help TEMA.

The next step, according to Rural Metro Spokesperson Jeff Bagwell, includes a state team assessing the damage, then sending it to the federal government for review. 

He says the threshold for FEMA financial help is more than nine million in damages statewide. He believes that number can be achieved in Knox County alone. 

If you have any damage, whether you have flood insurance or not, county officials would like to hear from you. You can fill out a damage report here