CROSSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — One-hundred and two days. That’s how long it’s been since 30-year-old Michael Andrew Feustel’s mother saw him get into a car and take off toward West Tennessee.

Besides a text message later that evening, on June 22, none of Feustel’s family members have seen or spoken to him since. Feustel’s close friends and family all affectionally know him as “Mack” or “Big Mack” — somebody who they said wouldn’t disappear without a word.

“He’s very close with his mom. Anybody that knows Mack knows what type of person he is. He is a very lovable person,” said Dawn Rainey, Feustel’s aunt. “Mack’s just always been that type of person. Nothing’s changed as far as that.”

On the day of his disappearance, Rainey said Feustel was going to visit his fiancé who lives in Hickman County. He had gone to his mother’s workplace in Crossville that morning, where he planned to have a friend pick him up and take him nearly 173 miles across the state to see her.

(Courtesy: Crossville Cumberland County Crime Stoppers)

“His mom told him that she would give him a ride, but she had to work, and she would take Saturday and give him a ride if he wanted to,” Rainey said. “He was fine, he said, ‘No,’ and that his friend was going to give him a ride out there. That he already had a ride set up.”

Rainey said everything seemed normal up until that point. Video cameras at the business showed Feustel getting into his friend’s vehicle as he arrived to pick him up the morning of Thursday, June 22. Then, Rainey said, “That was it. Nobody has seen him since.”

Feustel never made it to his fiancé’s home. At first, Feustel’s mother figured he was visiting some other friends or had a change of plans, but when she didn’t hear from him for nearly a week, she filed a missing person’s report.

(Courtesy: Crossville Cumberland County Crime Stoppers)

“She had told him to get back in touch with her [the following] Thursday,” Rainey said. “She felt like something wasn’t right because he hadn’t contacted her or his fiancé. Supposedly he just walked off, and he wouldn’t have done that. He would have contacted somebody.”

Rainey and the rest of Feustel’s family have since been counting down the days he’s been gone, each day becoming more unbearable. While police have questioned some people and been following leads, Rainey said there has been little word over the last three months.

“We just hope he’s OK. 102 days of nothing. We know the outlook might be a little bit different,” she said. “We want him home. That’s all we want. We just want him home. This is really hard on his grandma because she already lost his dad.”

Despite the silence, a new call for information from Crossville Cumberland County Crime Stoppers on Sept. 27 has renewed their hope that he’ll be found safe. According to police, the car Feustel was last seen getting into was a silver Ford Taurus.

(Courtesy: Crossville Cumberland County Crime Stoppers)

Feustel is 6-feet 3-inches tall, weighs around 170 pounds and has light brown hair and light brown eyes. He has a tattoo that says “Mom” on his left chest, as well as “Bro” and “Sis” tattoos on the back of his arms and “In memory of Dad” on his left arm.

There are also four nautical stars tattooed on top of his shoulders and collar bone; the name “Feustel” on his right forearm; “Soul” on his neck; and a question mark on his right hand between his finger and thumb.

He may also have a goatee and sometimes wears reading glasses that are silver in color.

(Courtesy: Crossville Cumberland County Crime Stoppers)

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While Feustel has run into trouble in the past, recently spending a few months in jail for misdemeanor offenses, Rainey said he has never hurt anyone but himself, and she hopes that people don’t judge him based on his history.

“He’s still our family,” she said. “Nobody walks off the face of the planet. Somebody knows something. Please if you know something, help us… You don’t have to let them know who you are. There’s all kinds of phone numbers on everything.”

Anyone who has any information is asked to call Crossville Cumberland County Crime Stoppers at 931-200-1173 or the Crossville Police Department at 931-484-7231 ext. 4515. Callers to Crime Stoppers can remain anonymous.