CLIFTON, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s been four days since a teenager vanished out of Wilson County, after telling her family on the phone, that she was going for a walk. On Thursday, a vigil was held for 19-year-old Michaelle Van Kleef.

Wilson County deputies have not said what happened to Van Kleef, but have told media outlets that she was staying in Mt. Juliet for a course on K-9 Companionship when she disappeared. Thursday, Nov. 3 marked the fourth day of the search for her, with no leads.

Van Kleef’s family lives in Boston, but they’re well-known for their work in Wayne County.

In the center of Clifton, a group gathered asking for prayers and answers.

“If one person is hurting, we are all hurting,” explained Tonya Franks, owner of SDG Arts and Coffee Bar.

When Van Kleef went missing, Franks took it especially hard. For years she has known the Van Kleef family, who previously owned the coffee bar. The town sits two hours away from where Van Kleef went missing. However, don’t let the small town fool you, once you enter it’s easy to see the big heart each resident has.

“Everybody knows everybody it’s just one big happy family and when the Van Kleef came to town, we embraced them because they were, they are just the sweetest people that you have ever met and they are a giving family I have ever met in my life,” said Carolyn Forrest.

  • Michaelle Jo Lynn Van Kleef

Outside of the coffee shop Van Kleef used to spend every day in, the candlelight vigil was held. Each resident held up a candle in her honor, as they worshiped together, and prayed for her safe return.

It’s a place where Van Kleef spent years living, growing, and leaving her mark. Now, outside of the store hangs a missing person flyer.

“At first I thought it was like a joke or something. The more I looked at it the more I thought I just can’t believe, I can’t believe this and I kept looking at it over and over and over, it’s still just hard to believe,” Forrest said, holding back tears.

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In between the prayers, tears were hard to hold back.

“Very rough, very rough. This whole community has shed a lot of tears, it’s just been devestating and emotional for us all,” described Forrest.

The community is urging anyone with information to come forward, as they continue to hope Van Kleef will return home soon.

“It’s just hard knowing that something has happened to her and we may not see her again and may not ever know. We just need her to come home, we need her to come home,” said Forrest.

There is a $25,000 reward for information leading to finding Van Kleef.