WAVERLY, Tenn (WKRN) – Waverly Central High School is celebrating homecoming and the additions to their football stadium. This comes two years after a devastating flood took 20 lives and destroyed several parts of the town, including parts of Waverly Central.

As the Waverly Central Tigers take on the Summertown Eagles, a new scoreboard, lighting equipment, and other additions will be on full display.

“We’ve done some things you can see in the background, like the paving, fences, new sod, and more,” Director of Humphreys County Schools Richard Rye said.

A pep rally was held in the gym to cheer on the Tigers. Then, the annual homecoming parade brought more excitement to the town.

Among the many people at the parade was Thomasine Hill, who has educated young Humphreys County minds for more than 30 years. She lost her home in the flood and expressed her thanks to everyone for helping her rebound.

Waverly homecoming parade
Waverly homecoming parade (Photo: WKRN)

“It was like Armageddon had hit,” Hill said. “It’s just a good feeling to see all the people coming back and anticipation for the football team.”

The flood brought destruction to Waverly, but it didn’t break the town’s spirit. Several people said they will continue to help and uplift one another.

“It’s almost like I’ve forgotten about the flood,” Hill said. “You’re just so excited about the now and glad to turn your back and start moving forward.”

Rye said the work is not over, as they still have to repair their football fieldhouse and build a softball indoor hitting facility.