WAVERLY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Waverly moved one step closer to rebuilding its affordable housing on higher ground Monday night as the city voted to rezone an 18-acre piece of land on Cherry Road to high density use, but now some neighbors who live beside the land are thinking about moving away.

Mayor Buddy Frazier told News 2 the property located between Sycamore Avenue and Washington Circle is the perfect fit for the new public housing because there are already utilities set up and the land is not likely to flood.

However, longtime neighbor Jamie Wendt disagrees.

“It’s just going to create more havoc, more traffic, and more chaos around here,” Wendt said.

Wendt told News 2 the public housing will also likely cause more problems with the sewage system in the neighborhood, and she worries how the people who would live there would get around because the area isn’t walkable.

She isn’t concerned about the people, but the problems the affordable housing will likely bring.

“It makes me want to move,” Wendt said. “My husband has already said that since the rezoning has already gone through, we want to pack up now because this is going to change everything.”

Wendt and neighbor Aimee Tidwell told News 2 multiple people attended Monday night’s public hearing on the proposal and voiced their concerns. Despite that, city leaders still voted to pass second reading of the rezoning, ultimately deciding to buy the property.

“It was almost as though the decision had been made, and the hearing was nothing but a formality,” Tidwell said.

Last week, Frazier told News 2 the city has yet to buy the plot of land, however, the online sale was already listed as “pending.”

“I’m not really sure where else to go from there, other than to do the best we can to speak for our community here, because as I said, over 90% of our neighborhood, everyone except one person that we were actually able to speak to, is very against this.”