Watkins College property could help prompt major change in North Nashville, councilwoman says

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Last month, the four-year art and design school Watkins College announced its merge with the Christian institution Belmont University, come Fall 2020.

The current property of Watkins College in North Nashville will be sold, but we have yet to find out what will take its place in the historic part of town.

Kyonzte Toombs, Metro Councilwoman for District 2 has some ideas, hoping the sale of the property brings District 2, what she says, it’s needed for years.

“If you put that attention and money there people will come,” said Margaret Thomas, a long-time resident. “Stop berating it and giving it a bad rating, even though crime is everywhere give [North Nashville] a chance​​.”

Thomas has lived in the area for nearly 60 years and remembers the way Metrocenter used to be. A place, filled with shops and entertainment.

“All of that died 20 years ago,” Councilwoman Toombs said, adding since then, the district has been overlooked.

“You basically have to drive to other parts of the city for whatever your needs are​,” Councilwoman Toombs said. She’s hoping to bring the same economic development other parts of the city have seen to District 2.

Councilwoman Toombs believes the best option for the Watkin’s property would be the Nashville School of The Arts since they’re in need of a new home.

“A couple of months ago someone reached out to me about possibly re-locating School of The Arts here and I’ve expressed my support to whoever would be the powers to make that decision and I’m really hopeful it comes to fruition,” Councilwoman Toombs said. ​​

She also hopes the new developer brings back entertainment, shopping and more places to eat.

“The goal is to bring in those amenities that those people have been wanting,” Councilwoman Toombs said. “We don’t have skating rinks, bowling alleys or anything in District two so there’s really an opportunity to bring back those options.”

News 2 is still waiting to hear who purchases the property and what they plan to do with it.

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