NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Water and sewer bills in the Metro Nashville area are going up in the new year.

Metro Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve a multi-year rate increase.

“Metro Water Services has been in need of a rate increase for quite some time now,” said Sonia Allman, Manager of Strategic Communication at Metro Water Services.

According to the new rates, about 30-percent of customers will see an increase of $3.22, while about 80-percent will see an increase of $18.

The new charges come after Metro Council passed the multi-year rate increase, the first since 2011.

Allman said it’s required by the state to address sewer overflows and an aging infrastructure.

“This rate increase is going to allow us to move forward with some of the projects that were put on hold that were truly needed and maintain our infrastructure the way it needs to be maintained,” she said.

Allman said the rate increases ultimately depend on meter size and usage.

The more you use, the more you pay.

The less you use, the less you pay, encouraging conservation.

The new rates begin on January 1st, which means you’ll see a higher bill beginning in February.

Each year after until 2024, there will be percentage increases, four-percent and under.

Beginning in 2025, the rate adjustments will be based on the Consumer Price Index.

“It allows people to budget for the rate increase and allows us to stay in-line with our needs,” said Allman.

To see how much your water bill is going up:
Go to
Type in the size of your meter and how much water you use

The water rate increases will help fund $1.5 billion dollars Metro Water Services must spend on its sewer system to become compliant with a consent decree.

That agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency requires Metro Water to implement the upgrades or be faced with fines and penalties.

Allman said there are currently 60 projects that need funding.

At the top of the list, $400 million in upgrades to the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant to reduce sewer overflows.

Also, rehab of 150 miles of sewer main.