NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s Giving Tuesday, which is an early opportunity to donate to charities during the holiday season. The Better Business Bureau is warning people to be aware of scammers trying to take advantage of your good intentions.

“We do want to do our part but unfortunately that’s what scammers will take advantage of is whenever something is significantly going on in the community that’s their opportunity to separate you from your money. We can literally see tens of thousands of dollars on any given day be given to the wrong organization,” said Robyn Householder, CEO/President of the BBB Middle TN Southern KY. “They’re exceptionally good at conning you into believing that they’re the good guys.”

The decade-old charity event falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and has evolved into a movement that has helped raise over $1 billion for online charitable giving around the world.

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“We all, again, want to help so what the scammer’s gonna do is take advantage of that emotional context. They’re gonna want you to donate quickly, they’re going to play on whatever is going on in the community right now,” said Householder. “We as a people want to do things quickly, we’re used to doing that. There’s never been a better time to slow down. Don’t let them pressure you. Don’t let them make you feel guilty to give.”

She advised that you donate with an organization you already know and trust. The best way to donate is to go directly to their website.

“Make sure you’re checking that url address because they’re exceptionally talented at drawing you in through pop-up ads, through texts, through things on social media,” said Householder. “But the other thing is names. For example, we’ll see the American Red Cross, that solicitation is going to come from the National Red Cross or the North American Red Cross so it’s just close enough for you to believe it’s the real thing when in fact it’s not.”

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If you’re getting things like unsolicited texts, emails or phone calls, keep in mind that good organizations won’t solicit you unless you already have a relationship with them.

You can also visit for free access to charity reports and to find out if an organization meets all 20 BBB charity standards.

“BBB actually evaluates charities. We call it the Guide for Giving. It’s everything from how much of your donation goes to the organization that needs the help or the people that need help to if it has oversight of a board,” said Householder. “You can go to, do your homework, see if it’s a charity that’s doing things above board and if so, definitely go ahead and give.”