Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- The COVID-19 Pandemic has altered many peoples lives over the last month, but it wasn’t going to stop one couple from from tying the knot.

Andrea Woodard and Scott Evans had been planning their dream wedding for over 8 months, set for a March 20th in Napa, California but that was quickly canceled and they found themselves scrambling to find a new date.

“It was looking more and more like the vineyard wouldn’t be available until next year, there were a lot of tears in the beginning and then after the second postponement, I said lets do this thing,” said Andrea.

The new venue, that would be their own front porch, with their family watching in lawn chairs and over 200 people viewing on Zoom.

“We printed of four pages of comments in Zoom saying things like ‘this was amazing’ and the feedback was very positive,” added Andrea.

And while there were some technical difficulties.

Scott said, “Our officiant was in California and so she was having some technical issues with her service, which made things kind of funny at times, things just paused.”

But that is what made for many laughs and a wedding they’ll never forget.

“I just wanted to be married and that’s what we decided to do,” said Scott.

Andrea added, “I wanted to be married and I love that love won in the end.”

The new couple said they are still planning to celebrate with friends and family in person, and their Honeymoon date in September isn’t changing, for now.