Warren County carjacking victim remembers husband on his birthday

Middle TN


WARREN COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Jordan Stevens would have turned 24-years-old on Monday.

“Today would’ve been the day where he would’ve been like ‘I’m older than you,'” Stevens’ wife, Aileen, said.

Jordan and Aileen got married in 2017. The 23-year-old couple was ready to start a family, finding out they were pregnant this summer.

“We had already bought some clothes, some gender neutral just in case. We didn’t know, but we were excited to buy stuff,” Aileen said.

Aileen found out they were expecting a baby girl the day after Jordan was taken from her.

“I looked back and I saw Jordan with his hands up,” Aileen said.

The couple was on their way to church on September 13 when they were rear-ended.

Dangelo Dorsey was on a crime spree across multiple counties in Middle Tennessee when he encountered the couple. Jordan and Aileen were unaware that Dorsey had shot people already when they were carjacked that morning.

“It was all because he wanted to take the car. But the car was a manual, it was a stick shift,” Aileen said.

Aileen told News 2 Jordan was forced to drive his car back to their home in Smartt once Dorsey could not drive it himself. Dorsey then stole clothes, food, guns and another car.

But he did not let the couple go.

“At no point I think either one of us thought we were even going to get shot,” Aileen said.

Unfortunately Jordan was, in front of his pregnant wife.

“When I look down at him I started seeing the blood on his back. That’s when I knew he was, he had already passed,” Aileen said.

Dorsey then led police on a chase with Aileen in the car before he flipped and committed suicide.

“What he did he completely changed our lives,” Aileen said.

Aileen never called Dorsey by name during her interview with News 2.

Aileen said her husband died a hero, protecting his girls, until the end. On his 24th birthday, she will honor the life Jordan created with her.

“We saw ultrasounds and 3D images and she looks like him. She’s got his nose and she’s got his ears,” Aileen said.

Aileen has decided to name their child Galilea Valentina, a name they had already picked out together, before Jordan’s death.

“God had a plan. It wasn’t his perfect plan, but it was part of it. So, I know if he let me and our baby survive, then there’s a plan for us too,” Aileen said.

Aileen is due in February. She said the community’s support in providing gifts and donations to her family has been overwhelming.

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