Walden’s Puddle struggling to combat Nashville’s rapid growth

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News 2 has been documenting how Nashville and its surrounding communities are growing in leaps and bounds. But in the animal kingdom, that growth comes at a price –namely, the displacement of wildlife. 

Whether it’s an injured squirrel, a fawn in distress or a fox with a hurt eye, Walden’s Puddle takes in any and all wildlife and nurses them back to health, later releasing them back into the wild. 

At Walden’s Puddle, they say they’ve never seen so many calls for animals in distress and now they desperately need the public’s support to keep up with the demand. 

Workers there say the phone is literally ringing off the hook.

According to the organization’s CEO Lane Brody, the non-profit needs the public’s help. 

“We need donations. We need donations,” Brody told News 2’s Andy Cordan.

Brody said the number of calls for help has reached a critical level her organization has never before seen. 

“Walden’s Puddle is getting more calls than we have ever gotten before, She explained. “We received 116 in one day. We believe it is because Nashville is growing so fast that we are getting the calls from people finding the animals displaced by all the construction.”

Now, Walden’s Puddle is asking for help so they can continue their mission. 

“Our mission statement is ‘giving wildlife a second chance,'” Lane said. 

If you’d like to donate time or money to the organization, please visit waldenspuddle.org.

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