Video shows back-to-back ‘explosions’ in East Nashville neighborhood

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Residents of an East Nashville neighborhood say they woke up to an explosive bang in the wee hours of Saturday and Monday mornings.

“Kinda like a sonic boom kind of thing,” said Stephanie Roth, who lives in McFerrin Park. “I’m jolted awake which is incredibly disruptive and disturbing. Not knowing immediately at the time what it is… whether it’s a weapon of some kind or fireworks.”

A neighbor’s ring camera recorded both explosions. The first explosion happened at 12:55 a.m. Saturday. Roth says a firework was thrown at her house, which exploded in sparks right out front.

“My son had recently gotten home from work and was downstairs. I was in the bedroom above, and we heard what sounded like a bomb going off,” said Roth. “It bounced off right where I was sleeping and exploded right outside the window where my son was.”

Two days later, there was another explosion. In the ring camera footage, you hear several back-to-back booms which seem to be several blocks away.

“It sounds like they are targeting our neighborhood,” Roth said. “I listen and every four or five minutes, you’ll hear another explosion.”

So far, no one has been hurt by these attacks. Roth plans to file a police report and ask for additional police patrols overnight.

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