Up-tick in clock repairs ahead of end of Daylight Saving Time

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Get ready to turn back your clocks!

Daylight Saving Time comes to an end this weekend, despite Tennessee passing a law to have the state spring forward permanently.

Twice a year, Ann Sanfillipo helps Tennesseans leap forward and fall back in time.

“Once the clock stops chiming, take the minute hand, and go backwards one full hour,” said Sanfillipo.

But preparing folks for the end of Daylight Saving, isn’t as easy as people may think, especially when it comes to antique clocks.

“Do not go backwards with an antique. Either stop it or go forward for 11 hours,” said Sanfillipo.

That misconception keeps Sanfilippo and her team of horologists at Nashville Clock in Madison very busy.

“We’re going to lose a week’s worth of productivity to helping people reset their clocks,” said Sanfillipo.

Earlier this year, Tennessee passed a law to observe Daylight Saving Time year-round.

But before the change can happen, Congress has to pass it to make it permanent.

“It’s a disservice to those who own the clocks, they get frustrated and challenged twice a year to do stuff we don’t need to do anymore,” said Sanfillipo.

Sanfilippo said with so few full-service clock repair shops in the state, it’s also a setback to her backlog of work repairs.

“Hopefully other states around us get on board because if they do, then it can be passed without Congress acting on it,” she said.

Until then, Sanfilippo has more staffers on hand, ready for the uptick that’ll likely follow in the coming days.

“The day after the time change, we have a lot calls because the clocks are not working correctly,” she said. “Either the chimes aren’t working correctly or they’ve completely stopped.”

Daylight Saving ends Nov. 3rd at 2 a.m.

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