SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) — A $2.3 billion electric vehicle battery facility being built in Tennessee is gaining the attention of Washington, D.C. 

On Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh visited the Volunteer State to address the union workers putting their blood, sweat and tears into the major undertaking. 

“It’s the future of clean energy you’re hearing right now, with inflation and $5 a gallon of gas, all that stuff,” he said of the facility construction. “You’re building out lower fuel costs for people, yourself and your families. You’re helping build up healthy families. It’s a future that’s built by American workers in good, middle-class jobs.”

Walsh also used his visit to talk about President Joe Biden’s vision for clean energy in the United States and about the bipartisan Innovation Act currently in front of Congress. He said the bill even addresses the microchip shortage.  

“When you think about a car made in America, you want a truly American made car: the batteries are made here, the car’s made down the street and, if we can make the chips here in America, we are truly buying a true American made car by American workers,” he said. “And that’s what we have to do here in the United States of America.”

Once the Barton Malow Company completes construction, the facility will provide jobs to an estimated 1,300 workers. Those workers will make car batteries for General Motors vehicles.   

“You have a qualified, skilled workforce. Having this plant here in this town is going to be helpful. People who are in high school today will be working, people in grammar school, people who aren’t even born yet will be able to work in this facility creating batteries for electric vehicles and who knows what they’re going to be used for down the road,” Walsh said. 

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To get the facility ready on time, roughly 700 men and women are coming into work each day. They hope to have the facility opened by November of 2023.