NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – No doubt, it has been a nightmare on the roadways today with up to 7″ of snow (so far) in many locations, with ice the southern counties. But things are about to get worse, as temperatures drop to potential single digits overnight.

The salt that road crews are putting down will only work down to 17°. That, of course, is a problem in itself!  But there is another issue that will likely occur over the next several nights – Black Ice.

“It’s a challenge to keep roads clear, especially when you have a wintry event followed by a sudden fall in temperatures,” explained Samuel Herron, National Weather Service Meteorologist. “And we’re going to see that challenge here.”

“And then with road treatment. Sometimes you get a problem where you partially melt what’s on the roads, but then as temperatures plunge, you start getting re-freezing.  And you can actually end up getting more ice problems on the second day, or the second morning than you had the first time.”

This will likely be occurring again Saturday morning as a little sun and travel on the roadways on Friday will create slush that will re-freeze overnight.

Please be careful!