TROUSDALE COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — One of the smallest counties in the state is seeing an increase in crime.

On Monday, Trousdale County deputies arrested a man for allegedly threatening to kill a woman after forcing her to take off her clothes.

Sheriff Ray Russell told News 2 the suspect moved here from Texas. He said this is a pattern the sheriff’s department is seeing as more people are moving into what was once a quiet town.   

“We are the smallest county in the state of Tennessee; our population is about 12,000,” Trousdale County Sheriff Ray Russell said.

Sheriff Russell said the Trousdale County Sheriff’s Department was one of the first in the state to get body cameras. He said these are a saving grace for the county. 

“I’m running short, short staff a lot of days,” Russell said.

It’s a concern that goes beyond patrolling as the jail is nearly booked.

“Right now I have three people in Nashville that have been charged with murder, but they were indicted here in Trousdale County, but they have to house them because I can’t even house them here in our jail.,” Russell said.

Russell said there’s an overflow from across Middle Tennessee.

“The southern part of Nashville, Franklin, Spring Hill, all that area is full and I think everyone is coming north,” Russell said.

After 26 years as sheriff, Russell said this is an adjustment for the small county, and he would know; he’s lived here all his life. 

“Growing up here on the farm, we took it for granted having the community that we got. It was close knit, just like a big family growing up here. Now I go into the stores and I do good if I recognize someone I actually really know,” Russell said.

Sheriff Russell said the department plans to build a new jail soon and he even met with architects recently.