HARTSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Just four days after a tornado ripped across Trousdale County, another powerful storm is expected.

Several people living in the county are still trying to repair their homes from Monday’s storm.

“My grandson and a crew came over yesterday to help clean up the fallen trees and limbs on my property,” Don Robinson said.

Robinson nearly lost his life Monday when the tornado flew right over him as he was getting his school bus ready for the day.

He survived the storm with no injuries, but had damage to several areas of his property. Two of his horses also died in the storm.

“I’m more concerned about this storm tonight than I was Monday,” he said

Robinson is one of the many people still trying to get back on track after Monday’s storm.

“I was going to work and the storm went right behind me,” Sherrod Hicks said. “I’m not playing around with bad weather because it can affect small towns pretty bad.”

On Facebook, Trousdale County Sheriff Ray Russell is asking everyone in the county to stay weather alert.