NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — One man was charged early Thursday morning for a felony drug offense.

According to police, Kevin Birula, 26, was spotted driving on Interstate 65 north following a semi too closely. When the truck slowed down, officers said Birula had to aggressively brake to avoid hitting it. A warrant stated that officers then initiated emergency equipment and initiated a traffic stop.

When police walked up to the passenger side of the vehicle, they said they could smell marijuana. Birula reportedly told officials he had smoked marijuana prior, but there was none in the vehicle.

Authorities then told Birula a vehicle search would be conducted, and he told them there would be “about an ounce” in the front seat.

During the search, the warrant said officials recovered 13.6 ounces of leaf marijuana, 23.8 ounces of THC wax, 93.7 ounces of THC infused alcohol, small and large digital scales, multiple empty baggies, 12 THC vape cartridges, and multiple items of paraphernalia, including grinders, pipes, and bongs.

Police said Birula admitted the leaf-like items were marijuana. He was charged with possession with intent to sell.