LAWRENCE COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Meth is the number one drug problem in Lawrence County, according to Sheriff John Myers.

So when deputies take any of this poison off the streets, Myers calls it a good day.

That was the case on the afternoon of Friday, Jan. 6, when Lawrence County drug investigator Colton Steadman pulled over a Ford Fusion with passengers who had drug histories and outstanding warrants.

The traffic stop quickly turned confrontational as the driver, 28-year-old Coty Shults, refused to get out of the vehicle when the deputy instructed him to do so.

A few moments into the stop with Shults finally out of the vehicle, things again turned confrontational with Shults continuing to refuse all commands. Shults eventually pulled away from the deputy who ordered him repeatedly to turn around.

Coty Shults (Source: Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office)

That’s when the deputy pulled his taser.

The deputy also found pot in a pop tart box, a syringe, and a wad of meth the size of a baseball weighing close to five ounces in Shults’ pocket.

Myers told News 2 meth continues to be the number one drug problem in his county.

“I always tell the guys, put them out of business. We want them out of business. When you take their vehicles, their assets, their money, their drugs, you put them out of business. The length of that is determined by someone else in the courthouse behind me, but every time we put someone out of business it makes our county a little safer.”

Shults was charged with a variety of crimes including possession of meth.

His 32-year-old female passenger was also charged with two outstanding warrants and a failure to appear warrant.