Tourists pay into Nashville economy despite aftermath of Christmas Day explosion

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Ringing in the new year came with it’s set of challenges. Still, tourists braved Broadway amid road closures and COVID-19.

“We already had it in the beginning,” said Stacy Metzger, when asked if she was worried about contracting the virus. Metzger is visiting Nashville from Florida.

“I figured it would be kind of dead down here because of that,” said Macy Ingham, who is also a tourist. “But, people I guess are rallying and coming out anyways.”

The New Years Eve crowd wasn’t quite the same as a normal year of celebration. Barriers blocked off the damage left behind after the Christmas Day bombing ruined dozens of buildings downtown.

“It was scary,” said Metzger. “I mean bizarre. We live in a small beach town. Like we don’t have crime or anything like that so seeing this stuff was a little scary.”

Many tourists already had their trip to Nashville planned for the new year. Some of them were a tad bit hesitant, but still decided to make the journey.

“I came here in 2016. It’s the last time I was here in Nashville,” said Ingraham. “It’s crazy to see everything so blocked off and you can’t really access a lot.”

Nashville’s fireworks display was cancelled out of sensitivity for those who felt and heard the Christmas morning bombing. The city had already cancelled Nashville’s annual midnight note drop due to COVID-19.

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