NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — More money is coming to help with drug prevention in Tennessee.

“We’ve had to say no to a few things because of staffing,” said Tammy Grow.

A full time drug prevention coordinator is something the DrugFree WilCo coalition has never had until now.

“This will allow us to really be out in the community and continue to pull resources and partnerships that we have,” said Grow.

Grow is the coalition’s executive director and says their main focus is making sure they stop drug misuse and addiction through resources, programming and education.

“About 12 to 14 is the initiation of alcohol use, tobacco and prescription drug misuse,” she said.

Grow knew they needed more help so they applied for a grant with the state last year.

“I think prevention is paramount to everything,” said Anthony Jackson.

Jackson is the Director of Prevention for the state’s Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services.

He says their department was able to award Grow and two other groups in Cannon and Greene counties $70,000 each to expand their services.

“We choose 70 because our focus is how can we support a position, have somebody that can do the work, but in addition to that have funding available to support activities,” he said.

It’s with that grant Grow says they can finally bring in that full-time coordinator.

“Having that staff person to be out there hands-on, in the community, in the schools, working with our youth will be very important to making a difference in our community,” she said.

And with the state’s help, Grow is excited at what more they can do to keep drugs out of the hands of youth and adults in Wilson County.

“Having that support from the state department, we’re really excited to be on board, she said.

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Grow says their new full-time drug prevention coordinator will officially start work on Nov. 8.