NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – As police pursued Alabama fugitive Casey White and former corrections officer Vicky White, a call from inside the getaway vehicle was made.

“Be advised they may be calling 911 now,” a dispatch operator can be heard saying.

Vicky can be heard seemingly pleading with Casey in the moments before a police vehicle rams the side of their car.

Vicky: “Stop! Stop! Please stop! The airbags are going to go off and kill us.”

Operator: “Hello?”

(Loud Crash)

Vickey: “Oh God.”

Officer: “He’s crashed out and is still inside the vehicle.”

Operator: “Be advised the female did call in. We could hear her saying she had her finger on the trigger.”

Vicky can be heard attempting to make yet another escape.

Vicky: “Airbags are going off. Let’s get out and run. He was by the [explitive] motel.”

(Vicky screams)

Vicky: “Let’s go!”


Officer: “Be advised the female is the one who shot herself.”

Dashcam video captured the moment at least six officers handcuffed the 6’9″ 330-pound suspect. Despite police later confirming the two were not married, you can hear Casey say, “That’s my wife. Please get to my wife.”

Others tried to render aid to Vicky, but her hand is still on the trigger.

“Yeah, she’s breathing. She’s got her finger on the trigger, finger is on the trigger. It’s in her right hand. I can’t tell if she’s conscious. She doesn’t look conscious. She could pull that trigger again. I’m going to go for the gun. Watch it. The gun’s out of her hand. It’s out of her hand. Grab the gun. Alright, pull me out. I got it,” police were said saying on scene.

Vicky White died from her injuries at an Evansville hospital Monday evening. The coroner ruled the manner of death is suicide.

Casey White arrived back in Alabama Tuesday evening where he faced a judge who handed down new charges of escape in the first degree. Casey was then led back to a secured vehicle, which transported him to the Donaldson Correctional Facility. He will be held there until his capital murder trial in which he confessed to stabbing 58-year-old Connie Ridgeway.

The trial is set to begin June 13. Casey White’s attorney plans to make a motion for a change of venue.
At the time of his escape, White was serving a 75-year sentence for crimes including attempted murder and robbery.