A timeline of bizarre events show Reinking’s run-ins with law enforcement leading up to Sunday’s mass shooting. The latest discovery is body-camera video obtained from a police department in East Tennessee. 

The timeline begins on May 27, 2016. The Tazewell County Sheriff’s Department is called to a CVS Pharmacy in Morton, Illinois where Reinking is from.

His family called police saying they were concerned about Reinking’s well-being because he was threatening suicide.

When sheriff’s deputies encounter Reinking, he tells them Taylor Swift is harassing him and he wants it to stop. Law enforcement notes in their report that he owns and has access to many firearms. 

The family also told sheriff’s deputies at that time that Reinking had been having delusions since 2014, specifically that Taylor Swift is stalking him and hacking his electronic devices. 

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In August of that year Reinking moves to Salida, Colorado to work for Rocky Mountain Crane. He calls police in March 2017 and asks to make a report because Taylor Swift is stalking him. 

His phone call to the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office was recorded. 

“Um, I have somebody stalking me around town and I do not appreciate it. I want it to stop and no one seems to take me seriously when I say that,” Reinking tells the operator.

“Ok and who is it that’s stalking you?” The operator asks. 

“Taylor Swift,” replies Reinking. 

According to law enforcement in Salida, Reinking leaves the area because he thought the police were following him.

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Back home in Illinois, Reinking barges into a public pool wearing a pink robe on June 16, 2017. When lifeguards tell him to leave, he exposes himself and tells them he’s a man. An AR-15 is found in the trunk of his vehicle.

Less than a month later on July 7, 2017 Reinking is charged with unlawful entry after crossing an exterior security barrier near the White House complex. He tells Secret Security that he is a sovereign citizen and he demands to see President Trump.

On August 11, he calls Illinois law enforcement because he says 20 to 30 people are hacking his computer. He also says people are barking like dogs outside of his residence.

Later that month, Illinois State Police revoke Reinking’s firearms license stemming from the incident in Washington. Reinking’s three rifles and a handgun are signed over to his father, Jeffrey Reinking. We know that his father later handed the guns back to his son.

In February 2018, Reinking pops up again as shown on body cam video from Alcoa Police in East Tennessee.

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On April 17, 2018, less than a week before the shooting, Reinking steals a car from a Brentwood BMW dealer. There is a pursuit but it’s called off for safety reasons. Later, the car is found at Reinking’s apartment complex but he’s never charged. 

The day before the shooting, on Saturday, Reinking is at Easy Pawn on Murfreesboro Pike. He’s acting strangely so a customer takes a picture. 

Metro Police say Reinking was there trying to sell some personal items that the pawn shop wasn’t interested in buying. Police would not elaborate on what those items were but they do say firearms were not involved.