NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s going to be an icy one out there, and as you might guess, the Tennessee Highway Patrol is advising drivers to take it slow.

“You’ll have more time to react and you’ll have more time to take care of a car that maybe becomes out of control,” THP Sgt. Alex Campbell said.

Of course, if people are going a bit slower, you might notice more people on the roads. Because of that, THP is planning on putting extra resources toward some of the more problematic areas.

“I don’t plan on getting much sleep, but that’s what the citizens of Tennessee deserve,” Campbell said. “Every trooper that’s working today is preparing for tonight and tomorrow morning.”

The Department of Transportation was out salting the roads Thursday. But with how cold it’s going to be, there’s just one problem.

“Salt really is not effective below, we say, around 20 degrees,” TDOT Region 3 Community Relations Officer Rebekah Hammonds said. “So, really, at the end of the day, if you don’t have to get out on the road, please don’t.”

Temperatures are expected to plunge well into the single digits with wind chills below zero across Tennessee. TDOT will deploy extra help units with that information in mind.

“We know that no matter how much we urge people to be safe, slow down, maybe don’t get on the roads, people will,” Hammonds said.

If you do drive, other than take it slow, remember to be prepared for anything.

“Make sure your cell phone is charged, make sure your tires are not bald, make sure that they’re in driving condition for ice and snow,” Campbell said. “Make sure that you have extra blankets and extra clothes for everybody that’s going to be in your car.”

It might sound dramatic, but those extra blankets in particular could be the difference between life and death, given how cold temperatures are.

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“If your car runs out of gas, it cannot run. You can’t run the heat, you can’t stay warm in your car,” Campbell said. “So, that’s where those extra blankets come in handy. But we don’t want people to be out there, stranded.”