NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) —  In Middle Tennessee’s competitive home market, even the smallest details can make a difference for sellers or buyers – even the color of your front door.

According to a new Zillow analysis, specific door colors could either add thousands to the selling prices of a home or decrease the value. News 2 spoke with Zillow’s Home Trends Expert Amanda Pendleton to determine which colors are the top performers. 

“Slate blue is a calming color and it’s pulled from nature. It’s actually reflective of some of the larger color trends that we have been seeing,” said Pendleton, “So, a home with a front door this color could feel more contemporary or modern. On the right house, a black front door feels very classic. It’s a high contrast, the color really pops, especially against a lighter exterior paint color.”

Slate blue and black gives you the most potential for selling your home at a high value, but on the flipside, colors like pale pink or cement gray could cost sellers thousands of dollars. 

According to a Zillow study, pale pink and cement gray was ranked at the bottom of the list for “least value” and “least overall payout.” Experts are warning sellers that although door color can add more value, don’t make it the focal point of the home. 

“Don’t get hung up on the color, paint is so easy to fix,” said Pendleton, “It’s affordable. It’s a quick project, but you should really be looking at whether the home checks all the boxes or as many boxes as possible on your wish list.” 

Pendleton says another factor sellers should pay attention to when selling a home is outdoor space. Zillow experts say buyers have started looking for functional outdoor space during the pandemic as a place to either work from home or relax and unwind.