NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – As kids return to school, schedules are quickly being filled with activities and assignments, which can make it easy to miss something. 

To help get you and your family organized this school year, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin from the Nashville-based company, The Home Edit, stopped by the News 2 studio to share their best organization tips. 

The first tip recommended by the pair was to organize items by color, whether that be a specific color for a family member or to categorize different papers. 

“We have this file box here and you’ll notice that the different colored file folders that are in there are perfect for categorizing papers from school or things that need signatures,” said Shearer. “You can set it by members of the household, or you set it up by category like report cards, homework, and things like that.” 

Both Shearer and Teplin agree that the most important step is getting kids involved in the organization methods. 

The Home Edit stars said getting the kids involved can make the mornings easier, especially when it comes to their various devices.

“The second thing we love, and kids love it too, is a docking station. Everyone has so many devices,” said Shearer. “You set up an external charger that has like five docks or something and you can charge Kindles, iPads, phones, and the kids know exactly where to put it at the end of the night to charge everything, and where to grab it at the beginning of the day if they’re bringing it to school. It just saves so much time!”

According to Teplin and Shearer, creating ‘drop zones’ for your kids can be super helpful in eliminating clutter.

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They suggest setting up baskets for each kid, so when they come in the door they can drop their backpacks, shoes, lunch boxes, notebooks and other school supplies. The pair also agreed that their “rainbow method” is important because it’s aesthetically pleasing, and when something looks pretty, you’re motivated to maintain it.

In fact, the rainbow method is another tactic they use in refrigerators to help pack lunches.  “We always seem to have Naked Juice on our list,” said Shearer. The colors fit perfectly into their brightly-colored pattern. The Naked Juice machines are always on there and in kids’ lunches.”

The Netflix co-hosts also have a book coming out in September called “Stay Organized.” It will have additional tips on how to keep your organization systems in place, and keep everyone on track.