TROUSDALE COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — On a normal fall Monday morning, Trousdale County schools would be preparing for regular sessions. Instead, the school district was shut down due to severe storm damage.

“It seemed to be a typical morning — woke up before 5 o’clock,” said Clint Satterfield, Director of Schools for Trousdale County. “The front was in southern KY, around Russellville.”

Satterfield says by 6 a.m., the school district was made aware of a bus that was overturned. An RV landed right on top with one of their bus drivers stuck inside.

“I said, ‘Oh my God!’ I got in the truck and I drove out here. We already had two bus drivers out here to check on him, which I think is great,” Satterfield said.

Don Robinson, a Trousdale County bus driver, was sitting in the bus driver seat in his driveway warming it up.

“The bus started rocking a little bit,” said Robinson. “It got raining real hard and started rocking a little more. Next thing I know it started laying over.

Robinson was rescued by his grandson. The bus driver had to climb out of the top hatch but was otherwise not injured.

“The hand of God was in this. There’s no question,” said Satterfield. “For us to delay school for the time that we did, not to have any students on the bus and for Mr. Robinson to come out unscathed, God was in this place this morning.”

Mr. Robinson lost two horses in the storm.

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School officials say his bus is likely totaled. Robinson will be given a substitute bus for school transportation Tuesday.