‘Thank God we did’: Hendersonville brothers intervene as man poses as cop

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HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Hendersonville brothers bravely approached a man police say was impersonating an officer. That face-to-face interaction and a call to 911 put an end to a potentially dangerous situation. 

“We just felt something was off, so we came to check, and thank goodness we did,” Phillip Brim told News 2.

First, he witnessed what appeared to be an undercover police officer.

“Legit, brand-new Ford Taurus, unmarked, black wheels, light bar, sirens,” he explained. 

Police say Christopher Young was behind the wheel. He pursued and then blocked in his ex-girlfriend.

“Very frightening and anybody would have stopped — that’s how impressive this car was,” said Brim.

He and his brother walked up on the two stopped vehicles with hesitancy.

“My original thought was maybe that was a police officer using his badge and car to solve a personal vendetta, and I thought that was what we were walking up on, but it clearly wasn’t,” Brim said.

He called 911.

“What we just witnessed was a man, he stalked somebody out of our apartment complex. He put his lights on, sirens everything,” Brim told the 911 dispatcher. “He’s not a cop, he’s not a cop. The lady already told us he got it from an auction, the unmarked car, but he’s driving around Hendersonville like a cop.”

Brim said Young was telling them to move along.

“We were like ‘no, your answers like you are not a cop,’” Bim recounted.

Brim says the suspect took off once he called 911, leaving the victim and her young child shaken.

“You should see this poor woman, battered woman,” he told the operator. 

Brim said the victim didn’t want the police involved.

“Battered woman syndrome you know, brush it under the rug. It’s like, you know, next time he could kill you,” proclaimed Brim.

Young was arrested at his Goodlettsville home for criminal impersonation, stalking and false imprisonment but bonded out in less than 24 hours.

“I’m glad to know they got him, but it’s also kind of scary that he made bond,” Brim said.

Warrants have also been served to Young for reckless endangerment and the “Blue Light” law.

In 2018, Young was charged with possession of stolen property and drugs after Cheatham County deputies discovered tens of thousands of dollars worth of stolen excavating equipment at his home, along with narcotics and as many as 10 stolen computers from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. 

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